What does Arkuta mean?

It means "no worries, for the rest of your days"... ...sadly it doesn't mean that, we've stolen that from The Lion King movie... but "Arkuta Matata" works well, right?? ARKUTA is actually a loose blend of two words that have influenced the design of our micro-pod: (1) ARK: used to describe a robust place of shelter. (2) KUTI: tiny, self-made huts found in remote areas and forests in Thailand.

Where can my Arkuta micro-pod be installed?

The compact size of the micro-pod means that it can be installed virtually anywhere. The pod is fully compatible with ground-screw technology which means we can even install the pod on uneven grassy areas or slopes.

How much is delivery and installation cost?

Delivery and installation costs vary depending on geographic location and the quantity of pods purchased. Please contact us for quote. If you have access to a trailer, there is scope for the micro-pod to be assembled in-house at our workshop. This will allow you to collect the pod without the need for delivery or installation charge.

How long is the pod designed to last?

Arkuta micro-pods are designed to remain outdoors all year round. They have been built to last in the outdoors for years. The modular design of each panel means that if a part of the pod gets damaged that it can be replaced by our installation team.

What is the insulation made from?

We use sheep wool in the roof/wall cavities. We have choosen this material due to it's high thermal qualities and ability to be recycled after use (unlike other forms of insulation). The insulation is designed to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer!

Can the micro-pod be connected to mains electricity?

The pod is designed so that it can operate off-grid. However, if you would like to make adaptions such as plug sockets, electric lighting etc, our team would be happy to discuss these requirements with you.

Does the pod need any yearly product care?

The Arkuta micro-pod is designed for the wild and designed to last! The steel roof is fully waterproof and needs minimal maintanance for the first 10-15years of it's life-span. As for the exterior wood, it has been treated with a Osmo protective coat and as such should not require further treatment for many years.